Castrum-Erat, artisanal sheep’s cheese

Castrum-Erat, artisanal sheep’s cheese

in Jul 09, 2020

In a family farm, in the heart of the Spanish region of Extremadura, some cheeses made from sheep’s milk from their own flock are born. Innovation and tradition go hand in hand to create a premium product.

The Castrum-Erat cheesy factory-farm has been selecting and raising sheep for over twenty years. Generation after generation, they have been transmitting livestock knowledge, with the aim of maintaining the traditional values ​​of artisan producers.

We find them in La Serena, in the Spanish region of Extremadura, known for having a large census of head livestocks.

The flock of sheep is milked daily to extract milk of first quality. From it, products are made for sale to the public. All this is done through an artisanal process, but incorporating all the quality standards and innovative techniques learned over time, with which they seek to obtain an unique product.