Foodies & Friends bets on Cabo de Peñas canned food

Foodies & Friends bets on Cabo de Peñas canned food

in Jul 09, 2020

Quality and variety. These are only two of the characteristics that define this centennial brand considered by consumers as a benchmark in the world of canned food.

After three decades of experience in the canned fish and shellfish sector, the company Connorsa commercialises the centennial Cabo de Peñas brand. They work with raw materials of the highest quality and through a process of artisanal elaboration.

Its origin lays in the heart of The Rías Baixas, in Galicia, in the northwest of Spain, a place of reference worldwide in fish and seafood, fresh and canned. The packaging is made respecting the privileged natural environment in which it is located. That’s why recycled materials are used.

Sardines, cockles, mackerel, mussels … The variety of canned products offered by Cabo de Peñas is very extensive. Discard the offer of canned tuna in its different varieties, one of the most demanded products. Tuna is incorporate in thousands of recipes and is always present in the healthiest diets.

Therefore, the Cabo de Peñas seal of guarantee is part of the selection of products with which Foodies & Friends works in the import and distribution.